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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Which teams should have their own cupcakes?

You may or may not have already heard that the New York Islanders have their very own official cupcakes, courtesy of Cupcake Gourmet in Huntington Village, N.Y. Pretty cool, eh? The cupcakes will be sold during Islanders games all season long at Nassau Coliseum.

So, let's discuss! Which are your favorite New York sports teams? Which should be the next team have its own official cupcake? Will you be be checking out the Islanders cupcakes at Nassau this season?


  1. I personally think the Devils should have their own cupcakes.. so many options on flavors and what kid wouldnt love a cupcake at a game?

  2. Devils cupcakes could be marbled devil's food and red velvet cake. Mmmm!